miningengineeringMinxcon’s team of mining engineers has a wide variety of skills and experience in the following disciplines: Underground mining, open-pit mining, shaft sinking, project management, mine management, life of mine planning, cost analysis.

geologyMineral Resource Department are geological interpretation and mineral resource evaluation modelling, which are performed in accordance with the various global Mineral Resource Reporting Codes.

analyticalQuality Assurance and Quality Control (“QAQC”) principles are employed to assess the accuracy and precision of analytical data which is utilised in the estimation evaluation of Mineral Resources and Reserve.

complianceHigh-quality reporting is imperative for the mining and minerals industry, since, unlike many other industries, knowledge of its main assets, namely mineral resources, is always imperfect.

GISMinxcon’s GIS Services prepares geospatial maps for projects which include topo- cadastral maps that utilise vector and raster layers. Farm and project boundaries, as well as geological features and typical service infrastructure to mines are indicated on these maps.

Geo-referenced data related to positions on the Earth’s surface can be overlaid on Google Maps images for easy presentation. All data and images are geo-referenced to ensure correct positioning of all the data within recognised global coordinate systems.

audits2Minxcon’s Resources and Geology team has many years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of industry best practices to ensure reporting compliance of mineral resources. Minxcon personnel have conducted numerous technical audits and due diligence exercises for high profile companies for the purpose of Competent Person sign-off and annual reporting.

The Minxcon Multi-Level Audit Report System (“MLARS”) presents an all-encompassing Mineral Resource Management (“MRM”) hierarchy with multiple-level applicable visual outputs to help understand and manage all technical aspects associated with Mineral Resource reporting for constant improvement.

Although technically orientated, the resources sector operates within a business and economic framework. This requires adequate knowledge of economic, financial, management, legal, regulatory, political and social environments.

Advice is provided with the purpose to increase the value of the firm to the shareholders. Services include:

  • Financial analysis supported by a strong technical team
  • Debt and Equity structures advice
  • Corporate strategy development and advice
  • Turnaround strategy, development and advice
  • Strong technical support
  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Restructuring advice
  • Assistance with financing arrangements
  • Advisory role for listing projects

With previous hands-on experience in global investment banking, operational management and technical services provision, Minxcon is well equipped to advise on corporate mining transactions.

Minxcon provides a range of services to financially distressed companies in order to assist them to elect the appropriate intervention required.

Minxcon also assists in the process to effect the company turnaround.

Although Minxcon has vast experience in the minerals industry, this service is not limited to the minerals industry only.

The service would typically consist of a pre-intervention analysis, followed by either business turnaround or business rescue.

ABS Africa, an associate of Minxcon, offers a complete range of sustainability services to clients in the mining, infrastructure and energy sectors.

Core services include:

  • Sustainable Development Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence Investigations and Review
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Audits and Compliance Monitoring
  • Environmental Management Programmes
  • GIS, Spatial Analysis and Spatial Planning
  • Mine Closure and Rehabilitation Planning
  • Permitting and Licencing

The Minxcon Business Rescue service provides an extension of the turnaround plan for financially distressed companies, catering for a more aggressive approach regarding the restructuring of the balance sheet and business processes of the business.

Our process is aimed at decisive action and not protracted asset stripping.