Production ramp-up difficulties historically experienced can be mitigated or avoided by implementing operational readiness planning and management processes during the engineering and implementation stages of a project.

This is a continuous and forward looking process, which is applied to effectively prepare the operations team for safe and optimal production. The process ultimately defines the required conditions and staffing under which a new project can function in a stable and sustainable way to achieve its planned production.

A properly executed operation readiness plan and management process will:-

  • Deliver a sustainable, efficient operation
  • Deliver a capable team ready to operate the operation and manage the business to meet the planned goals
  • Reduce the risk of budget overruns
  • Identify potential risks and problems early and allow for appropriate mitigating actions
  • Increase the probability of achieving the planned goals

The development of an operation readiness plan is critical to the successful implementation of a project and should focus on the following areas:-

  • Technical design
  • Business processes and information integration
  • Human resource needs and planning
  • Production and maintenance planning
  • Technical support needs
  • Financial structures
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Environmental compliance
  • Sustainability
  • Safety, health and environment
  • Commissioning and ramp-up planning and execution
  • Quality management.

Minxcon can support an owner’s team in the challenging transition between project and operation. Our capabilities derive from significant experience in projects from inception to the successful execution and management of operations. This will ensure a robust plan and management process –  ensuring the operation is fit for purpose and ready for ramp-up and sustainable production.