The Minxcon Mineral Resource Estimation (MRE) team is experienced in a wide range of commodities as detailed on the commodities webpage.

Minxcon focuses strongly on the geological component by generating world-class geological models which serve as a solid foundation to any Mineral Resource Estimation. This is accomplished with team work between the Minxcon exploration geologists and the resource geologists. The geological models are based on sound geological / first principals which include but are not limited to the following: –

  • Depositional environment;
  • Geophysical anomalies;
  • Geological mapping (if available);
  • Geochemical soil sampling;
  • Trenching data;
  • Geological sections;
  • Nature of mineralisation;
  • Structural interpretation;
  • Pay trends

Minxcon primarily utilises the following software packages as part of the geological modelling:-

  • Arcview – GIS, data compilation;
  • Geological modelling – Datamine Studio3™, Datamine StudioRM™ and Leapfrog™;
  • Mineral Resource estimation – Datamine Studio3™, Datamine Studio RM™ and convert Surpac™ models.