Minxcon provides comprehensive financial modelling and mineral asset valuation services at all stages of the project life cycle by a competent team of qualified professionals. Valuations are done in compliance with the valuation reporting codes ( SAMVAL, CIMVal and Valmin) in all reporting jurisdictions, in line with general accepted valuation methodologies which include :

  • The cost approach, which relies on historical and /or future amounts spent on the mineral asset;
  •  The market approach, which determines the monetary value per unit of resource of the project, by comparing it with other recent  arm’s length transactions; or
  • The cash-flow approach, which determines the value of a project based on the ‘value in in use’ principle and requires determination of the present value of future cash flows over the life of the mineral asset.

These valuations normally forms part of :

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Competent / Qualified Person Reports
  • Technical and Financial Due Diligences on mineral projects
  • Fairness Options

We supply risk analysis through :

  • Monte Carlo simulations to test the robustness of the mineral project
  • Scenario analysis

Minxcon’s experience stretches over 30 years with a large database to construct :

  • Valuation curves used in market comparable valuations
  • Detailed Discounted Cash Flow Models
  • Integrated Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Income Statement modelling with Financial Ratio Analysis.