The skills and experience required to manage an operation successfully are very different to the skills required to analyse, assess and procure a good project or operation. Several good projects lack a quality operational management team, resulting in failure to achieve their deliverables. Junior companies often simply do not have the in-house resources available when they procure a new project.

The corporate team in junior companies sourcing projects usually have a good understanding of the technical and commercial requirements of the company, but often lack practical hands-on experience when operation of such a project commences, or of managing an operation when acquiring an operational asset.

Some of the most crucial skills required for successful operational management that are mainly experience based are:-

  • Relevant practical and management experience in a similar environment
  • Leadership skills for technical experts, as well as lower level workers
  • People skills conducive to a positive production environment
  • Innovative thinking and practical ability.

Most of the Minxcon team members have gained significant experience at various operations prior to joining Minxcon. Moreover, they have gained further experience at Minxcon where they are exposed to numerous projects and operations. This enables them to critically analyse project activities as they have personally developed these concepts and completed estimations from first principles and have applied these principles in practice. These skills and experience are crucial to effectively operate and/or advise in the production environment.

Our teams’ involvement in operational management will ultimately drive the operation or project to meet its strategic objectives and goals, while always being conscious of safety, cost of production, quality of the product and development of operational flexibility to absorb changing markets.

Minxcon offers the following services:

  • Operational management assistance. Providing a core team on a temporary basis to assist the existing management team to bring a project into operation.
  • Providing owner team capacity. Supplement the corporate team with people with the required experience to strengthen the operational team and to assist them in achieving success.
  • Provide a complete outsourced operational management team and service by managing the operation on behalf of the client.