This is a pro-active and forward looking planning process, which is required to prepare the operations team to ensure an effective, efficient and safe production ramp-up. A high quality operational readiness plan will mitigate the typical production ramp-up difficulties experienced in many start-up operations.

The development of an operation readiness plan is critical to the successful implementation of a project and will ultimately define the required conditions and staffing under which a new project can function in a stable and sustainable way to achieve its planned production.

An effective operation readiness plan, combined with the required associated management processes will aim to:-

  • Deliver a capable team ready to operate the operation and manage the business to meet the planned goals
  • Identify potential risks and problems early and allows for appropriate mitigating actions
  • Increase the probability of achieving the planned goals
  • Reduce the risk of budget overruns
  • Deliver a sustainable, efficient operation.

The development of an effective operation readiness plan should focus on the following areas:-

  • Converting the technical designs and study options into a long term operational plan
  • Developing of a business plan being signed-off and accepted by all stake holders
  • Provide a blue print for the operation management team to implement various aspects of the business plan with special focus on:
    • Operational level production and maintenance planning with safety focus
    • Human resource needs, recruitment, training, housing where required and planning
    • Procurement, contracts, stores and logistics
    • Business processes, financial & cost control and information integration
  • An integrated compliance strategy:
    • Environmental and permitting
    • Safety and health
    • Social development
    • Employment equity
    • Mining charter
  • Quality control systems
  • Short interval control systems.