Minxcon has plant production, operating, as well as management experience, which allows the metallurgical team to review and optimise plants in various commodities:-

  • processing efficiencies
  • plant throughput
  • process availability
  • metal accounting and
  • plant operating costs.

Furthermore, Minxcon has experience with implementation of short interval control (SIC) systems which improve production in the short term with minimal capital investment and instil the right mind-set to ensure that process improvements and performance are sustainable for the long term.

The implementation and improvement of SIC systems at processing plants have often lead to Minxcon taking a lead role in supporting management in the plant. This often encompasses support in the following areas:-

  • supervising of all production meetings
  • managing troubleshooting to reduce lag in process improvements
  • managing plant costs and cost controls
  • training of personnel, and
  • managing the changeover process to ensure that the SIC principles are sustained to achieve and/or exceed production targets.